2135b Rue De Saints Just,

Montreal, QC H1L 6B9

RBQ : 2949-3103-09

- Tél. : (514) 353-2664


Specialized in exterior development, we offer you fast services and guarantee quality work. Our experts are ready to work in accordance with your deadline, your expectations and your budget. We do both landscape development work and excavation and earthwork to transform and add beauty to your outdoor living space. To develop your exterior, trust your project with our teams. Fast and free quote at 514-353-2664

With Paysagiste Ligne Royale, the garden of your dreams will take form in front of your eyes.

Outdoor landscaping and furnishing development:

  • Tree and bush planting
  • Water garden, pond, waterfall, rock garden
  • Sod laying
  • Horticulture of all kinds
  • Patio, terrace, balcony
  • Decorative natural stone wall
  • Small walkways and sidewalk
  • Driveway and parking
  • BBQ and fireplace
  • Pool edging

Paysagiste Ligne Royale Inc. is your expert in exterior design. Trust us to guarantee consistency of your project and its perfect completion based on an original plan.

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